Saturday, February 1, 2014

Signs of Spring

The first of February today... it seems like forever until Spring will arrive. This time of year I get so antsy. I want to be outside digging in the dirt and planting flowers, to be cooking all my meals with fresh veggies and herbs from the garden, to be canning and freezing the harvest, and to be going for long evening walks in the warm summer air. By February, I start to feel cooped up, and I'm tired of the cold and snow! 

We finally took our Christmas tree out today. We always leave it up extra long to keep the house feeling cozy. There's nothing quite like sitting by a lit up tree on a cold winter night, but its time to start thinking about Spring! 

I absolutely love orchids - they are my favorite flower. I have two of my own, and I'm nursing back to health one for a friend. They are all doing quite well, and their new stems and buds have been growing over the last month or two. When I came downstairs this morning, I was so excited to see the first opening bloom on my orchid. This made me smile. It gives me hope that Spring will be here before we know it! While I wait out the next 2 months inside anticipating planting season, I can watch the blooms open up on all three orchids one by one. It seems each year my orchid blooms know just the right time to make an appearance. It really does lift me up and take away some of those winter blues.

I think I'll spend my evening checking out the seed catalog and do some planning with my husband for our garden this year. Spring will be here before we know it :)

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