Monday, February 24, 2014

flower painted measuring cups

Who knew that my favorite wedding gift would be something so small and something I hadn't even registered for.  When I opened these beautiful measuring cups I was pretty excited. Out of the mountains of gifts we received, this tiny package held a lovely surprise. I admit though, I don't use them as measuring cups. They are just too pretty to use as a kitchen tool, and I fear I may chip one of them. I have them on display in my kitchen on the window sill, and occasionally I'll use them for entertaining. They are great for putting sugar in to serve with coffee, used as dip bowls, and they would make a great display for an ice cream topping bar! Later this year we are having a garden themed party, and I'm sure these will make an appearance. 

I believe that they were purchased from anthropologie, but they are no longer an available product. They do have similar ones for sale here - Anthropologie Measuring Cups

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