Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So continuing on with my "favorite" posts - as I have mentioned before - I love linen. I really don't know why I love linen, but I'm obsessed. My table runners are linen, my pillows are linen, my tea towels are linen, my napkins are linen... you get the picture! Anytime I venture into TJ Maxx, I always keep my eye out for linen things. I'm constantly pinning linen products on Pinterest, and on my personal account I have a board dedicated to linen. I love the texture and the look of linen, and I think it fits in nicely with our home. I have cream/natural colored furniture in my living room, and linen compliments it so well.

Above are just a few of my "linen" pieces, and I have shared some pictures of others on other posts before. It's a great light fabric - and makes great material for clothes too. I have two linen dresses which I absolutely love. My husband has some linen shirts, and he looks so handsome in them! Linen is the perfect summer material - it's light and refreshing.

Linen Tea Towels - Set of Two Screen Printed Dish Towel - Poppies - Set of Seconds - Kitchen Towel

The tea towel above is one of my favorite linen purchases. This picture is from the etsy shop I ordered it from. They have all kinds of prints on the tea towels. Check it out:

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