Monday, January 20, 2014

Stamped Napkins

So I tried something new today! I don't often "craft," but this evening I put my Martha Stewart hat on.  A few weeks ago I had a great idea -  stamping linen napkins. As you already know - I love linen, and I wanted to try and add some accents to a plain linen napkin. I got online and ordered a set of rubber vegetable stamps from a seller on ebay, some linen napkins from, and a fabric ink pad from I briefly researched how and if this might work online, and I set out to create something unique.

My favorite stamp out of the set was the artichoke. The process was fairly simple - I just put ink on the stamp and pressed down on the linen napkin. 

This isn't the finished product though. I had a stamp custom made that says "garden fresh" which I have not yet received in the mail yet. When this comes, I plan to stamp this underneath. I'll share a picture of the finished product soon. I just love the simple design! You could also try this project on a tea towel and give it as a hostess gift. There are so many different designs you can do for this. So of my thoughts included:
Winter  - a moose or pine trees
Spring - florals, herbs
Summer - vegetables and fruit
Fall - leaves, pumpkins, apples

This project made me anxious for Spring. I cannot wait to plant and harvest our garden. There is nothing better than garden fresh veggies.

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