Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cleaning day

It's Saturday morning,  and I have a date... with Mrs. Meyers - my favorite cleaning products! They work so well, and they smell amazing! Mrs. Meyers has so many different scents, and for the most part uses natural ingredients! They are much safer then your typical household cleaners and are about the same price.  

Saturday is cleaning and laundry day in our house. I used to dread cleaning, but now I get satisfaction from it. After a day of cleaning, when I walk by the bathroom, I breathe in the scent of lemon verbana, and in the kitchen - lavender. As I fold the clean laundry I'm welcomed by sunflowers and bluebells.  Knowing that by Saturday afternoon the whole house will be clean and tidy is a huge relief. My husband and I are both particular about things when it comes to our home. He needs everything to be perfectly organized, and I need everything to be clean. We work well together :) Saturday evenings are so relaxing and gratifying. The very best part is crawling into freshly washed sheets scented with lavender linen spray (I'll share the recipe sometime soon) on Saturday evenings.

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