Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lavender Wreath

I'm a little excited today - well very excited! I have been looking for the perfect spring/summer wreath for a long time... it's mid-July and I had yet to find one. I still have our boxwood wreath up from winter; it has now dried - making it a perfect fall wreath - but it just doesn't cut it for summer! 

Last weekend, my husband and I had been shopping at Target, and I was browsing the home section. I found the absolute, most perfect wreath! It was made of lavender - and i LOVE lavender. I'm slightly obsessed with lavender. It was everything I had been looking for - but it was $39.99. I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a wreath. I know that price is actually pretty good compared to many others that you can buy, but it still just felt like a lot. I sadly left the store, and hoped that soon my lavender plants would start getting blooms that I could dry, and then create my own wreath - but I knew it would be quite a while until I had enough dried lavender to make a wreath. 

Well, I've been thinking about that wreath since last weekend, so I decided to look it up again today online and remember how beautiful it was. When I got to Target's site, I saw that there was free shipping, and 20% off of that lavender wreath! Not only that - but I'm a member of - so by logging in there first, I got an extra 5% off! I am one happy girl, and I cannot wait for my wreath to get here!

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