Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adding Accents

We have a very small kitchen, and we desperately needed more space. I found this little stand on Amazon.com for a little over $50 (it has since gone up in price).
After assembling it, I needed to find a way to make it flow with our kitchen. 

 I looked through my kitchen dishes and entertaining pieces. The matching tray and pitcher were both wedding gifts from our registry at Target. I had bought the glasses about a year ago at Tjmaxx (a favorite store for purchasing home decor), and I've had the white cloth napkins for years. 

 It looked a little strange with the items sitting on just the white stand, so I searched some more, and pulled out the bamboo serving try for the top. 

 This little stand now mixes in with the rest of the decor so well. It mirrors my larger island with the white cabinet space below and the wooden top. 

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